Tips to Mastering the Art of Casual Dressig

You have lots of different things to do and want to look good doing them all.

Congrats! You got out of bed ON TIME (pat on the back), you got a work out in (killing it), then you made the decision to shower and put real clothes on (hero status). Here's the catch...your day just started and guess what? you still have school drop off, a client meeting, lunch with your friend, a grocery store stop, a dog walk, your kids' basketball game and an 8:00pm Zoom call. With everything else you are supposed to tackle in a day, let's take the guess work out of what you should wear.

Here are some easy tips and tricks to follow so you can master the art of casual dressing.

Tip 1 - Choose Stylish Basics

Looking good while wearing casual yet stylish clothing is all about finding the right balance between comfort and fashion. One of my go-to outfits for an all day, any occasion look is a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers. The key to making this combination look stylish and occasion worthy is keeping each piece current and elevated. Another great everyday outfit is a classic striped button down shirt, jeans and loafers or flats. Again, the key is keeping it current. The shirt should be a bit oversized, the jeans high rise and straight and the shoes a slip on loafer or an adorable ballet flat.

Still not sure? Keep it monochrome. Wearing one color head-to-toe is always a safe bet and an easy way to take a casual look luxe.

Tip 2 - Accessorize

When you wear a casual, low-key outfit, the easiest way to amp it up is by adding accessories. Throw on a chunky chain or layer some pendant necklaces with your sweatshirt. Cuff your button down shirt and stack your favorite bracelets with your watch. On those days when styling your hair isn't in the cards, put on a cute baseball hat or put your hair back and tie it with a twilly scarf. When you wear your monochromatic look, or better yet, some crystal statement earrings and poof! you just made casual look chic. Last but not least, the best secret weapon you have is a great bag. There are two ways to go here - make it interesting or make it expensive. Either strategy will work.

Tip 3- Pair Something Unexpected